Child Support

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Child support, along with spousal maintenance and child custody are the issues that oftentimes create the most difficulty between spouses. Child support is an obligation set forth by New York State Law. Absent an agreement by the parties, the Courts will look to the New York State Child Support Standards Act as a basis to impose child support upon the non custodial parent. The child support standards act calculates child support as a percentage of income after deducting things such as FICA and child support paid through Court Orders for the support of another child or children. Child support percentages also change with the number of chilfren. Child support also terminates upon the emancipation of such children.

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At the Law Office of John Fazzini, P.C., located in Huntington Station, Long Island, our Divorce and Family Law Practice regularly handles child support issues in both Supreme Court and Family Court. We will assist you in calculating your basic suppor obligation, as well as explaining the circumstances surrounding deviations from such child support and how long the child support obligation continues for.

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