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A marriage can fail for a myriad of reasons and leave a couple with no hope of finding common ground or compromise. When financial holdings, family businesses or even religion render a divorce unacceptable, a legal separation may be a workable option. In New York State where you must prove fault or grounds in order to obtain a divorce, a legal separation may be an easier path and one where your rights may be protected. You and your spouse are free to agree or enter into a legal separation. Oftentimes, after hte expiration of a one year period, the separation agreement serves as ground for divorce, and fully sets forth the issues that would otherwise be required to be resolved in Court.

New York Residency Requirements

Under New York State Law the parties must meet a residency requirement before a New York State Court will render a Judgment of Divorce to the parties. Let the Law Office of John Fazzini, P.C., explain the residency requirements and your legal rights.

Legal Separation

New York State allows parties to enter into agreements that govern their rights and obligations arising from a marriage. New York State Law, however, imposes strict guidelines for such agreements. The failure to abide by these formalities can prejudice your rights. Often, a separation agreement is used as grounds for divorce so long as the parties have lived separate and apart pursuant to the terms of their agreement. In addition, a complete and comprehensive agreement can save time and effort by laying out the parties’ property distributionchild supportchild custody and visitation issues, so that these matters are resolved without the need for litigation.

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