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One certainty is that lives constantly undergo change. Although a final divorce settlement or Judgment of Divorce will include court directives


regarding child custody, visitation and support, circumstances in the lives of parents and children rarely remain the same. Sometimes modifications and changes are necessary.

At the Law Office of John Fazzini, P.C., we routinely assist clients with modifications of existing Family Court or Supreme Court Orders, when circumstances change. We assist clients throughout Suffolk County, Nassau County and the New York metro area with modifications and enforcement of child custody, visitation, child support and visitation.

Modifications of Court Orders

A court order obligates one or both parties to terms which are directed by a Judge. When circumstances change that affect a party’s ability to comply with those Orders or the circumstances require an increase or decrease in child support, a modification is necessary.

Changes in circumstances include:

  • Job loss
  • Work schedule changes which are incompatible with a current visitation schedule
  • Remarriage of one or both of the parties
  • A conflict in the child’s schedule
  • A party moving out of state
  • A change in the health of a party or the child
  • Abuse, incarceration, alcohol or drug issues


Parents generally understand their responsibilities toward the children. However, you may need legal help, if the non-custodial parent is only making partial payments, skipping payments or refusing to make payments towards child support. You may also need legal assistance if the non custodial parent is skipping visits or not visiting with the child or children at all, or such visitation is being denied by the custodial parent.

When You Need Legal Help

At the Suffolk County Law Office of John Fazzini, P.C., we regularly assist clients with a variety of cissues regarding the modification of prior Court Orders. When you seek our help, an attorney will explain your rights and provide you with an opinion based upon existing law and legal precedent. For legal advice regarding your rights call 631-547-8989 to arrange a consultation.